Friday, October 7, 2011

Grand Opening!

Well, here I am. It is the calm before the storm. 

My sister is getting cozy with the help.

Fabulous flowers from wonderful friends in Omaha. Thank you!

Thank you MJ! The mini cupcakes with pearls were a big hit!

Thank you Julie! Can't wait to see you on Monday.

Sarah and Neal, I cried when this wonderful orchid was delivered! 

Before pics.

Feeling about 12 in my little dress.

Ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce. Those are BIG scissors.

It really was a great night! Lots of people, lots of sales, music, wine, cupcakes. . . .


  1. Amazing post!! Happy to see this awesome grand opening. Couple of days ago arranged a lovely party for my sister and her friends at one of local event space San Francisco. Did best arrangements there and all the guests loved and enjoyed it.

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