Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Month in Bizzz

It's funny what sells_ not always what I think. I had a 6"high chicken, covered with tiny shells. I am not sure why I bought it, but I obviously did. As I was pricing items for my shop, I picked it up and said to my sister, "I don't think I'll even price this. Who would want it??" What do you think the very first thing that I sold in my shop was??? Yes, the 6 inch shelled chicken. . . . . .

My fourth week in business.  I am having fun! Sold a lot, had to go shopping.

New things.

Love the vintage Schiaparelli hatbox.

Great Regency table.

Interesting vintage .

Sold lots of antlers. Found a jackpot of antlers.
I'm selling loads of pearls!

My almost-21 yr old son would salivate over this lamp in his frat house! Would make a great 21st bday gift.


  1. My 19 year old son would salivate over that lamp too! Ann your shop looks fantastic! Had lunch with Julie yesterday. She said she had lunch with you the day before! Glad all is well in SC and at PBN!

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