Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've hit the big time!!

My dear friend and wonderful blogger, Jan, just did a fabulous post on my shop. Her blog, The French Tangerine is one of the most  beautiful design blogs out there in the rabbit hole. Jan is a very talented and passionate writer and photographer, with an inspiring and creative style all her own. Her blog has about a zillion views, and has certainly become a favorite with us blog-followers?!!@#! I feel so lucky to be one of her posts! When I read the post this morning I noticed my web views going crazy! I think there were 300 views by noon!! Thank you Jan, you are a doll!!
Check out her blog, The French Tangerine, and the post here.


  1. Ann! You are adorable! My goodness, thank you for such a flattering review!
    It was such a treat to see the shop, finally, in person. Can't wait until my next visit!


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