New Finds


Sept ‘18

July 2016


Awesome mid-century!!

so sweet!

Can it really be February?

December '15
OLD is the new NEW!!

Summer Finds

February Finds!


fun new stuff!

This desk is fabulous! 
Such a gloomy day, I had to go shopping!

A Sunday drive. . .

A few of my October finds. . . . 

Starting to think turkey



Feb Finds

 January '13

These are Chinese brush pots. I had an "aha" moment recently when I saw one of these. If I were an artist, wouldn't I love to have antique Chinese brush pots for my brushes? Instead of what? Cans, cups, etc? Isn't this the perfect gift for your artist friends?  So with all the artists in the area I decided to focus on these. You will see more. I think I may have overdid it. I will soon have many many brushpots to choose from! Well, as they say, "you can never have enough brush pots"!!

Late September-N. Carolina

late August 

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